Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missing my kitties

Moving to new country hasn't been easy to me. Maybe that's why it took about half a year to do it, and still I don't feel like I'm conpletely moved to here. And that's because my cats are still in Finland. We've been long time gathering the money to get them here, and there've been like million obsicles to get through. And you can tell I'm exhausted about it!

I've been away from them already 7 months, even though it should've been at first only 3 months. They've been staying with my best friend who I trust the most in this world, but still. They've been away from me and she had to take care of them much longer that we at first agreed. I'm seeing dreams about them and feel bad and guilty almost every day.

Now finally we've got a little bit further with moving them, but still I find new obsticles every day. Today the site isn't working were I can check when can I move them. Other I didn't now if we would another type of transportation. And then there is of course the fact that I have to fly to help to send them, and fly to recieve them and then somehow get home with them. It's a long way home from London.

And of course it doesn't help that I have a flue and I'm somehow overly emotional and cried yesterday like three times for some little things. It just feels like every little thing is making baggage on me and I just everything to be firuged out already!

Some good news there are! I finally really got my timetable and also answer from my school, so that I know a little more about my schedule this next few weeks. So planning is a little bit easier. And we are getting guests so I'll have my mind on something else!
But keep your fingers crossed so I'll figure out everything soon and won't lose my mind! :)

Pictures are from Kitty Stampete.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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