Saturday, September 3, 2011

Loving my new toy

After craving for it for almost a year I finally got my Blackberry. We went yesterday to get new phone baggaces from Three, and I got Blackberry. Though I wanted it in red, and got it in Graphite Grey, but it's okay. I can change the cover if I want. So we spend whole last night playing with our new toys. This is first smartphone for me, and my boyfriend laughed at me almost all the time while I screamed "look, look honey, my phone can do this" or "look I can have this application here". So now even though we don't yet have internet at home, I can use my phone for checking my email and facebook, and use computer at school until we get our internet connection (we still haven't decided which one we want..)

And I got also other good new today and yesterday. I'll get my InStyle from next month and I got the package from my order to Vogue. Or actually we made my boyfriend subscribe it to me and we both got the package, so I got two! It was like birthday this morning :D

xoxo Sweety Pie

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