Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still being happy, this time for magazines!

As the two previous days I'm still happy. This time for the fact that I did by my Harpers Bazaar in time to get the August issue. I'm not that big fan of the Harpers Bazaar, but I have this thing that I almost have to buy every issue that has Emma Watson in it. Well not those teen magazines, but others. and while I was buying the Bazaar my boyfriend showed me new Company where Emma was on the cover too. So I had to buy two magazines instantly. Especially when Company was only £1.

But I like Company. It has enough interesting stories in it and it is easy to read. It's for those days when I want something light to read. Bazaar int he other hand was a bit more like Vanity Fair or Vogue. Both great magazines, but in Vanity Fair there is a little that interests me.
Vogue is more for me. Enough fashion things and other stories. And even though I sometimes get a bit annoyed on all the commercials, but now I realise that they are the thing for vogue. You can get inspired from them! So I had to get Vogue too. And you couldn't believe how happy these three magazines make me. It's like I'm having some treasures in my home and even watching them makes me happy. Haha :D

But I'm still craving for this months Marie Claire and Elle. for some reason I like to buy magazine by their covers. If there is someone I like on the cover, I want to have the magazine. If there's someone I don't like, I don't even bother. Maybe I shouldn't judge it by it's cover? Well I have just subscribed 10 issues of Vogue (there was fantastic offer inside the magazine £10 for 10 issues!!!) and a year for Marie Claire, which I will get from next month. So I won't be judging them then!

Who else get's happy from magazines?

xoxo Sweety Pie

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