Saturday, August 20, 2011

After MCDD

Now the feelings after my Master Clense Detox Diet. The diet was great! It really made me feel better and it made me loose some waight, which was also great. Now I just need to keep it and eat healthyly. Well I missed food so much during my diet that I started the morning after with croissant and goats cheese. And after eating three of them it was too much and I felt like I had over eated. So I learned to eat in moderation. And next I will eat some green salad with cheese. Also I learned to drink a lot of water. I'm having water bottle all the time with me! I learned that the diet itself was quite easy for me. The drink provided so many calories that I felt energetic every day. But the ease out days were a bit harder because I didn't get that much calories, but my stomach felt great the whole time!
And even though I have craved for food, I haven't been hungry almost at all during this diet. Also it showed me how strong I can be if I decide something! Oh yea, and it is much easier to stay without sweets with this diet, because you don't eat anything so you kinda stay without sweets anyway :D
I will definately do it again some time!

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xoxo Sweety Pie

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