Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watched Roswell

One of my favorite teen series was Roswell. It was the most interesting and romantic series I knew and I still like to watch it sometimes. Though now I understand that actors and actresses on that serie aren't that great. And when everyone loves Liz'z and Max's story I actually like Maria's and Michael's story more. And I hated it when Alex died. It was the worse thing in the whole serie. Also I have this on/off love for Tess. Actually I hate her, and I hate that she's ruining Liz's and Max's relationship. But when Ava was visiting I really liked her! And I think she's pretty :D But other wise if you like teen drama and romantics and a bit of science-fiction, you might like this serie too.

Who else likes Roswell?

xoxo Sweety Pie

Fantasizing of Ray Bans

I've told you that I love sunglasses and that I used to collect them. Well at the time here in Scotland I have only two pairs of sunglasses and they are from Puma and Friis&Company. And even though I love both of them very much I've been fantasizing for a longer time now about Ray Ban Aviators.

xoxo Sweety Pie

ISU world figure skating championship 2011

One of my favorite sports till this day is Figure Skating. I used to figure skate like almost ten years ago (can't believe it has been that much!), and I'm missing it so much that watching world and european championship's help it a bit. And again is the time to watch figure skating. It is 2011 world championship and today it started quite interestingly. So I'm sorry, but all of those who don't like to read about figure skating should just skip this post.

Women's short program seemed to be full of tension.. well except from Russians. It might be because they had to cancel the competition month ago from Japan, because of the terrible incident and now it is in Moscow, Russia. Ksenia Makarova did today beautifully. She always performs great, but now her skating is also better, so I bet she will be gold medalist some day.

The one I am always looking forward is Kiira Korpi. She is the Finnish skater, who I think everyone knows because of her beauty. Well I'm not fond of her looks, of course she is beautiful, but I like her because she is a figure skater. And she is very good figure skater. I'm hating all the comments about her, how everyone just expects her to win competitions and she still hasn't brought Finland the gold medal and how she should let someone else to try. Like it's that easy to win? I think Kiira does great. There are huge expectations of her and she still manages to perform beautifully. Today she had one mistake and now she has to do a LOT better tomorrow, but we'll see. Hopefully she's gonna do great. She has the skills for a medal.

And of course there are these two golden girls Yuna Kim and Mao Asada. I was sorry to see that Mao Asada did not perform as well as she could. She was the world champion of last year, but agues it is about the nerves. We'll see tomorrow how she performs. And Yuna also didn't do as well as she could, but as usual she is just too good, so she is number one at the moment.

I can't wait for tomorrows competition and am going to sit by the computer whole morning watching free program!
Anyone else likes figure skating?
And if someone wants to watch those programs, you find them usually from or from this finnish site, though I'm not sure how well does it work in other countries.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

As I think everyone knows today was the Royal Wedding. And some people are even suggesting that this should be national holiday. I did look at the wedding for little time in the morning before I started to watch figure skating and I have to admit that Kate Middleton was very beautiful. Her dress was perfect for her. It was a bit conservative and elegant, but not too much, and I loved the lace over her hands. She looked radiant. And she really looked very happy in her wedding. Well she should! She's getting the dream royal wedding that all little girls are dreaming of. But I think she is the type who could be a wonderful princess. She appears to be down to earth and she and William look very much in love. I think that is the most important thing! And after today watching this royal wedding and seeing Kate so beautiful and radiant, I started to like her much more. And I actually like her style in general. And here are some photos from the wedding.

Pictures are from The Holliwood Gossip.

xoxo Sweety Pie

I love the look of girl in blue dress

Even though it's almost summer I just love this picture. Snow makes perfect contrast on that beautiful blue dress and her bright red hair. Just perfect picture! And that dress is amazing!

Picture is from

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I have finally been able to try my new trainers. And I can tell you I am quite happy with them. They are light and comfortable, and I felt good running in them.
I have anemia, so it is sometimes a bit hard to start working out again. And now I have been going for a job about three times a week and already I can see improvement. Every time I can run for a little bit longer and won't get so tired. First time I felt like I was dying.. well not exactly, but almost. And the last time which was the longest run of all I felt good and comfortable when I came back.

So I'll be continuing my new hobby and keep you posted about my improvements.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fantasizing of blowfishes

I guess I haven't told yet that I am the biggest fan of blowfishes and now I found the perfect shoe for summer. These blowfish sea salt peep toe ballet rose pink denim shoes. I love them! So I hope I will manage to buy them for my self this summer!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Few interviews

Okay, now I have finally been in few interviews. The first interview was for a cafe and there was this very nice man interviewing me. At first I was over nervous. Like my whole body was trembling and I thought I would faint. Mostly it was because of the language barrier. Even though I speak and write english I am not used to scottish dialect and I should speak more, so I would get used to speak. But as soon as my interviewer greeted me I felt relaxed and felt good at the interview.

The second and third interviews were group interviews which was already a bit scary for me because I've never been to a group interview. I looked up the internet what to expect from a group interview and got as prepared as I could. But at the interview I got more nervous than ever. My feet were trembling so hard I couldn't stand. We had the interview for a kids store and at first we filled up few forms, after that we drew a picture of what we felt was perfect. And then we made a little "speech" about ourselves, our picture and answered few questions. I was so nervous I think I didn't speak so understandably, but praktis praktis.

And the third interview also the group interview was to a clothing store. Though I have much more to say about it, but I tell some other time. This time I wasn't nervous. Maybe it was partly because I saw all the other applicants terror and felt stronger because of it. I was outgoing and spoke well. But we'll see.

After this last interview I had to had something good, so I found chupa chups from American Candy on Sauchiehall Street. And now after walking home I am so exhausted I could just fall asleep!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Women's rights?

Browsing some blogs made me come upon this blog It is not a usual blog for me to be interested in, but the post she wrote was so interesting I read it whole way and added to my list of blogs that I read.
She wrote the post about women who don't want to have children. Don't get me wrong, I do want to have children some day, but I also think that children aren't for everybody. And it certainly isn't a women's job on this planet to produce children. What is man's job then? Maybe I'm a little feminist to think that woman can choose wether do or do not have children. It is woman's own body and own life. If she doen't want children, why should she have. She wouldn't have the same motivation to raise children as those mum's who really want to have children. Also our planet is already so over populated so if few women choose not to have children it wouldn't be a problem for human raise.

This reminds me of a post that wrote one finnish man (who I think is an idiot). He calls him self christian and agues tries to follow the bible as much as he can. Well there was in Finland this huge fuss about this National party that thinks the abortion should be illegal, also for the women who have been raped. They couldn't answer why those women who have been raped shouldn't do an abortion, but this man whit his blog decided to do it for him. He wrote that because even though woman has been raped the life in side of her is new and so deserves to live. There might be a point. But the problems with his text was that the embryo feels pain when doing an abortion. I think studies have shown that women can't do abortion after 12 weeks, when the embryo is enough mature, before that it should feel pain. And why bringing baby to a word where nobody wants it? If woman has been raped and has to keep the baby because the law says she can't do an abortion the love for the baby isn't the same. Also this man referred to many people "Would they want to be killed if they were embryos?" And I can honestly say if the situation had been that my mother would've been raped and didn't want to have a child, then I would've want to be killed. Why would I want to be burn in that life? This man also referred to women almost as whores, who made them selves come upon the situation where they would be raped. And in his comments one guy asked about the mass rape in Poland. And this guy referred that God wouldn't let such thing happen if it wasn't ment to happen. Know the post has been deleted. And I just think this man is out of his mind.

But agues I'm missing my point here. My point is that I think every woman should have say about her body and her life. And no man should tell her what to do.

 Pictures are from and in first picture I loved her sunglasses, in second her pants and in third her charisma (she looks so eggy and feminine at the same time)

xoxo Sweety Pie

I still loove you..

A funny picture from me trying to get a photo of my outfit. It didn't work so well :D And I should probably die my hair.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excited of a statue

I am not usually big fun of statues. They represent some important person from politics or some writer. Of course some people do deserve them, but only few of them are so nice that I would admire them. But now I have found one Glasgow that is amazing. I don't what it is for, but it always puts a smile on my face when I see it. Look up yourself.

xoxo Sweety Pie

I love the look of girl in pink and blazer

This look is amazing! Love how the girl has combined pink with blue and the blazer sharpens the whole look. I would love to go dressed like that to an interview!

Picture is from

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazed by a squirrel

This one day we were walking towards Glasgow University when I stopped my boyfriend and made him look at the litter. I don't usually make him look at the litter, but this time a squirrel was sitting there and eating some garbage from it. It was so cute and didn't care even when I got closer and took a picture.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My sunglasses first time out

On the sunny day I told you about, when I walked around and hoped that I could go for a swim, well on that day I got to wear my Friis&Company sunglasses for the first time this spring. I wore my Puma glasses already earlier when it wasn't so warm yet, but still sunny. This time it was turn for Friis&Company.
I am a bit of an sunglass fan and I had 7 or 8 pairs of them before I moved. But now I only have two pairs, but both of them are great! My Puma's are more sophisticated and go almost with everything. And Friis&Companies are lovely colorful!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Elephant on a tree

This one day when we were walking around and taking photos I came upon this tree which made me laugh so hard! Quite amazing how it almost represent like elephant even though there is just a little color on the tree. The little things that make you smile :)

xoxo Sweety Pie

Fantasizing of silver knitwear

I found this picture on Stockholms streetstyle and fell in love with this beautifull silver knitwear. It is just so perfect!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weard Scottish language

Living in Scotland is very different from living in Finland, but one of the major things is the language. It is English, though we call it Scottish, because you can't understand the dialect. To me it sounds a bit like germany, but germany that you can't understand. After staying here for couple of months I've used to some questions they ask me at store, but other wise I usually have to ask twice or even trice again, because I didn't understand.
Today I found in this Scottish magazine called Scotcampus "Speaking Scottish A survival Guide" It is tottaly great and funny, so I taught to share it with you.

Boak - Vomit
"Loads of boak on Sauchiehall Street this morning, guess someone had a good night"

Brassic - Financially broke
"Sorry I didn't get you a Christmas present Mum, I'm pure brassic"

Boorach - Total Mess
"You were in some state last night, what a boorach"

Min - Man
"How's it goin min?"

Gallus - Bold and overly self confident
"I've no idea why a big, thich uglly bastard like you should be so gallus"

Girn - To Moan
"All you ever do is girn!"

Mooch - Rummage and scrounge
"If you need some change for the bus just have a mooch down the sides of the couch"

Hoachin - Really busy
"God this Post Office is hoachin, must be giro day"

Midden - A dump
"I wouldn't go there mate, Hull is a total midden"

Glaikit - Thick
"The sign said turn right for the M8 and you went left" Are you that glaikit?"

Numpty - An idiot
"What do you mean you forgot the passports you numpty?"

Hoorna - Very
"It was hoorna good"

Wheesht - Shut up
"Will you wheesht a minute I'm listening to The Proclaimers"

Chibbed - Stabbed
"Oh bollocks I've just been chibbed!"

Jaikia - A vagrant (normally an unpleasant one)
"Quit askin me for change you jaikie"

Dreich - Wet and cloudy
"Perfect, dreich holiday weather - welcome to Scotland"

Greet - To cry
"Quit greeting, you can always watch River City on catch up"

Pish - Urine or Rubbish
"This pub stinks of pish, are we really goin to eat here?"

Swally - Alcoholic drink
"Fancy a swally after work or are you still totally under the thumb?"

Pus - A head of face
"That guy's pus is disgrace"

Sleekit - Sly and sneaky
"I'm sure that sleekit neighbour of ours is stealing our mail"

Rammy - Afight
"Wouldn't go to the toilet now mate, couple of NEDS are having a rammy"

Stramash - A disordered scuffle involving more than two people
"There was some stramash on the High Street last night, limbs and bodies all over the place.

Minker - Someone unhygienic
"Urgh, don't even think about touching me you smelly wee minker"

I personally haven't heard any of these used yet so I must listen carefully from now on. But generally Scottish speak with a twist so to speak. When I was asked if I had a printer they said something that sounded 'painter' and it took a minute or two to acknowledge what they said.

The story is from Scotcampus April 2011 / Issue 95
Pictures are from

xoxo Sweety Pie

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When I did the quest for my boyfriend about the celebrities he made his quest for me about rappers and ice hockey players. I didn't do so well. But funny thing, I think I got more right answers with the ice hockey players than with rappers :D Some of them are Finnish.

1, Mike Richards

2. Sergei Bobrovsky

3. Pekka Rinne

4. Teemu Selanne

5. Sidney Crosby

6. Simon Gagne

7. Ville Peltonen

8. Jarkko Ruutu

9. Alexander Ovechkin

10. Sami Vatanen

11. Classified

12. Sage Francis

13. Promoe

14. P.O.S

15. 2Pac

16. Talib Kweli

17. Cage

18. Ill Bill

19. Paleface

20. Asa

I got 7 and a half right from twenty. :D

xoxo Sweety Pie