Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fantasizing of Betty's necklase

When reading the blog Le Blog De Betty I saw this beautiful necklase and fell in love! So interesting, different and with my love for dreamcatchers it would be perfect!!

Picture is from Le Blog De Betty.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Admiring Rachel Bilson

Haven't written in a long time about anyone I admire, even though there are many of them. But one who had been on my list for a long time and has always been quite high on my list (she is on my top 10 in women) is Rachel Bilson.

First time I saw Rachel Bilson on OC and she was instantly my favorite character on the whole show. She was sweet and cute and very beautiful! But I didn't follow OC for long so I almost forgat her for some time. Until she I started to notice her on maganzines and in blogs. She has amazing style and I think she looks even cuter and sweeter now. She is one of my favorite persons to look for styles!

It was quite funny that when I tried to look her up on Wikipedia I really didn't find almost anything. Only thing they said was that she has acted as Summer in OC. And that's all. So I had to look from other websites. On OC I taught Adam Brody and Rachel were so good together that when I heard they dated in real life to I was pleased. But now that she is engaged (or so I read I hope it's still on) to Hayden Christensen I think they are even better match!

Who else likes Rachel Bilson?

Pictures are from Miss-Bilson website.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Rosamund Lupton - Sister

I have so much to write here that I don't know where to start and my time is still quite limited on the internet. But this time I'll start with this book I just read while I remember it well. Though I doupt that I would forget it. It was different!

So I read this book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. It's new and it has great comments from critics. But franctly speaking at first it was a bit boring. Yes there was a girl missing and yes there was a bit more happening, but after that it was just the war between the main character Beatrice and the police. Who is right? It was depressing!
But after the middle of the book I really got into it and couldn't let it out of my hands before I had read it all the way threw. It was really interesting and catchy, but I guessed the end. Thought I quite often guess the end in books (except from Harry Potters, but that was impossible).

But the book tells about Beatrice who's sister is missing. Beatrice travels back to London to look for her sister and for the truth. She changes her life and her lifestyle while doing it, but who wouldn't for their own sister. It was about love for sisters and for people who are close. It wasn't actually beatiful in a romantic way, more in friendly way. And my favorite character in the whole book was Kasia. She sounded so lovely and brave!
I loved how this book was written. Really smart and the language was rich. I came actually jeallous for the author for that. But I really would recommend this book for everybody!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love

I have spend quite a relaxed summer. This is one of the first summers since I was 15 when I have done almost nothing. I really am not used to do nothing. I love when I'm busy and all over the place. So I had to figure out something to do for this summer. And I realised I love doing these things, and will miss them when I don't have time for them.

1. Sleeping

I love sleeping more than anything! I like to get a nap in the middle of the day (but only when I'm sick I take naps more than once a day) and in the morning I tend to sleep even an hour after my alarm clock has woken me up. Well sleeping is healthy and is good to get good nights sleep, but I usually over sleep, and I go to sleep maybe at 12 a clock at night. Though I don't like to sleep until 12, then I feel like the whole day is ruined.

2. Showers, baths and taking care of myself

I love showers so much that I can take two of them a day. I just love the feeling and I'm always relaxed after shower. Also because I'm a bit of hygien freake I like to be clean, shower takes care of it!
Now that we have moved to our new house we had bathtup atlast! Though I take bath maybe once a week or once two weeks, so not too often. But still after bath I tend to take shower aswell.
(Yeah, I know I'm not that ecological with using this much water, but I try to be with other things)
And the last thing, I love to take care of myself. Like doing facemasks and bodyscrubs and all that stuff, and now I have time for it!

3. Reading

I love to read a good book. I usually don't have time for it, but since June I have already read 5 books, and I have tree more to go for next two weeks. I am also dreaming of reading all the Harry Potter books in english (no, I have not read everyone of them in english yet, in finnish though). And then I should start reading some classics like Shakespeare books and some others. We'll see how much time I'll have for all of them.

4. Exploring

I love to explore new places. And now I live in a new country, city and new apartment, so there is quite a lot of exploring. We tend to take walks just in some direction and see what we find there. It's also nice to know that here you can find many museum entry free, when in Finland fee's are quite high. So we have already visited Riverside museum, Museum of Modern Art and Kelvingrove Museum, but the last one is so huge that we will visit it again.. prapably more that once.

5. Eating

Well not so much eating, because of course I always have time for eating. More like for making food. Though my honey is so lovely that he makes me breakfast almost every morning and it's great! Well it's not breakfast, it's more of a brunch, because I like to sleep so long :D
But also we love to make food together, and when I'm going to be busy again I won't have time for making food calmly and with joy.

6. For last but not least

Actually the best thing is just that I can spend time with my boyfriend. Really spend time. Because when the school starts and all the activities we really wont have as much time for each other, so we  need to take everything from this time and just enjoy for the company!

What do you like to do when you have the time for it?

Pictures are from and lelove.
xoxo Sweety Pie

Friday, July 22, 2011

Age guessing

 (Kirsten Dunst, 2010)

This one day I was at the library when some unknow man for me started to talk with me and wanted me to guess his age. I taught it was weird and just didn't answer him at first. So he decided to guess my age. 34. I was almost in shock and had to keep myself from hitting the man with my water bottle. Did I really look like over 10 years older that I was? And what dum stupid man tries to guess womans age?

I remember about year and half ago a bussdriver taught I was under 16.  Maybe he was just nice, but they rearly are. And he was an older man, who don't usually even try to impress you.
And then I remember the situation in Istanbul when guy taught my monder looked younger than me. Though after that he tried to impress me and was flirting to me all the time. (Though my mum really looks veryvery young!)
So what to think?

(Dakota Fanning, 2011)

I've always taught that people look different and it is quite difficult to guess their ages nowadays, but could you really miss the age with 10 years? I am living now in UK and quite often when you see young girls they have their face tan, really too much make-up and clothes that barely cover them. So is that the description of a young person in here? And that's why someone would think I look older, because I barely use make-up, or use it tastefully. I don't use fake tan and I am quite natural looking, with different clothing styles everyday?
I don't have wrinkels and my skin is in good condition.

(Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, 2009)

Or maybe I act mature and I would have to take it as a compliment? But really who would like to hear they look older? (except my boyfriend, he thinks he is babyface and would like to look older)
But I've also seen those natural girls in here. And I usually almost can tell what's their age. But aguess people just look so different now. Some are babyface, some look older than their age, some dress like their older or younger. It is really quite hard to tell.

(Tyra Banks, 2009)

I took some pictures here to show the ages of these actresses, did you guess them right?

Pictures are from every actresses own website.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Kirsten Dunst 28, Dakota Fanning 17, Drew Barrymore 34, Ellen Page 22 and Tyra Banks 36 (at the time when picture was taken)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun things for weekend

Yesterday I was a bit down, because I hurt my arm. I hit it to the door handle, and while usually you have some nervpain from that, for me it continued the whole day. So it wasn't that nice. Now I have a bandage on it, so hope it helps!

But something more cheerful. We are going to see the new Harry Potter tomorrow. Yey! I can't wait! And because we are going to see that movie, we decided to watch all the previous movies before that. So we've watched 2 movies per day, except today we will watch Deathly Hallows part 1 and tomorrow part 2. And the weirdest thing is that my boyfriend agreed to this. I didn't have to even persuade him to do this. Well aguess I've teached him something :)

And tomorrow I finally can dress up. It is a bit dull to dress up for just walking around, but for movies I can put on my new dress that I found at British Heart Foundation. It is a bit ethnic with nice print and I totally fell in love with it straight away as I saw it, and I got it!

Oh yea, and here close to us is also somekind of charity fun fare right now, which we will visit tomorrow. So a lot of fun things for this weekend! Harry Potter in IMAX theather, charity fun fare, dressing up (would it be strange if I was most excited of the last one?)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cheering me up

Almost always when I'm not on my best mood I turn to pictures like these and thet cheer me up straight away!

My love for cats is strong and I find myself dreaming of new kitten every once in a while, even though I'm still waiting that I could transport mine finally here!

Pictures are from Kitty Stampete.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I love the look of Emma Watson in Balenciaga

I trully fell in love with this outfit. This Balenciaga really suits Emma and she looks in it sophisticated, sexy and really beautiful! And even though the Oscar de La Renta dress on London premiere was beautiful too, I just think the Balenciaga suits her better.
What do you think?

I'm really looking forward to go see the last of Harry Potter and really excited about the movie. And right now we are living like right next to Imax thearthe and it shows Harry Potter, so I will see it in a great theathre aswell. Cant wait!!!

Pictures are from dailymail.
xoxo Sweety Pie

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving in with surprises

Finally, I might have some more time. I've had so much to tell, but not any time for it.
Lets start with our moving. We finally got apartment, and it is great! We saw many many great apartments, but if you're aren't working it is very hard to get apartment. Many agencies don't believe that you would be able to your rent, so don't even consider you. Or the ones that would consider you offer you apartments that for my taste were awful! We also found one very lovely apartment, but we would've shared it with a roommate. That was also a big no for us. We wanted to live just the two of us. And then finally when time was almost running out I found apartment that was just for us. It was big enough, clean enough, close enough to our both schools and subway station, and the price was good.
We first had few problems with getting the apartment (apparently people don't do the work they should do and you have to do it yourself) but finally we got everything sorted out and signed our lease and got the keyes.

We had many new surpires as we moved in. Even though the apartment was pretty clean and in good condition there were still many problems too. First problem was that we didn't know how to use boiler AND in our home we had to top up our gas and electricity. And we did something wrong on the first time, so that we paid ex-tenants debts. We couln't first understand it, but after couple of calls to Scottish Power we finally figured out that aswell (though after few conniptions). But now we have warm water and warm house.

The other surpise was our toilet. It is actually quite nice. It has a bathtub and two showers over it (electric and gas). I love that we have bathtub now. I have been dreaming of it for ages! But the surprise thing was that our door is transparent. It's not that practical. And we don't have a lock for our toilet door. Or actually we do, but we have to lock it with a key and I already once got stock in the toilet because the key got stock. So we decided not to use the key. Well we figured out a system, so that we don't walk on eachother.

Next surprise.. or it didn't come as a surprise. We knew that the apartment has gas stew, but had never used one before. It was a bit scary to use it the first time, but we survived, and now I actually like to use it! It reminds me of when I used to visit my grandmother or my aunt and they had gas stews.

And you would think the surprises were over, but when cleaning the apartment we noticed that one door was broken, so we can't use it at all before it's going to be cleaned. There is chewing cum stuck on the bedroom carpet (yuuuh), there was one board missing from bed and there were cigarettes above the toilet. The ceiling is so high it is almost impossible to change lamps. But those are little things, though we really would like those broken drawers, door and bed be fixed!

And right now the last surprise regarding the house is that almost everyone uses here phone lines. I mean I have used home phone and adsl internet last time like 10 years ago. I am so used to cable lines that I couldn't believe that it takes three weeks to set up our internet and I can't believe that we need phone line! And I don't know why, but we need to pay deposit so that we can open our phone and internet line. The deposit is £100, which is wutie a lot when you have just moved to new country and are still waiting everything to be figured out.

Like I said I had a lot to tell about, and I;m sure I still haven't told everything. I tought of writing some kind of list what one needs to do when moving in UK. But if I survived this, I'm sure everyone else will aswell.
In couple of months I will start school and I hope by that time we will finally have everything done and figured out. Now my priority is to get my lovely cats here too!

Pictures are from
xoxo Sweety Pie

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saw Billy Boyd

When we had just moved to our new appartment we walked quite a lot around this place and once when we stopped to take cash from ATM I saw him. I saw Billy Boyd. Well I had to look at him three times before I was sure and it took like all of my will power not to run straight for my boyfriend and screaming "you know who I saw?". Well I almost did that. As soon as my boyfriend was next to me I almost started jumping like a rabbit and told him with this squeeke noise "You know who that is? That is Pippin! You know from the Lord of The Rings". Well he wasn't as excited as I was. But I was almost jumping and screaming. I might have made fool of myself.
As soon as I got a grib of myself I send SMS to my bestfriend who instantly asked me if I got his autograph. And I told her that I woulnd't dare do that. Yeah, I can almost scream and jump, but I wouldn't ask for autograph. Good me! :D

xoxo Sweety Pie

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Admiring Jackie's clogs

I watch some tv-serie usually almost everyday. We don't like it to be too quiet in our home, so something must be on at all times. Right now we are watching That 70's show. And the one thing I am constantly admiring is Jackie's clogs. She has these amazing shoes almost in every episode. Too bad I didn't find my favorite ones with red straps, but these pictures shall do, even though some are a little smudgy.

I would love any of the pair of clogs that she wears!

Pictures are from mila kunis website.
xoxo Sweety Pie

Friday, July 1, 2011

Got in to school

Okay, now finally I can tell my big news!
I got in to school! I'll start next september studies in Glasgow Caledonian University. I will study fashion business. And I am totally excited!

xoxo Sweety Pie