Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm missing my internet!

I have like millions of things again what I want to write about, but coming to the library really takes it off me. We are still looking for different internet options, because if we don't have the phoneline in our apartment it's much harder. And the fact that we don't know how long are we going to live there, it feels like we would be making effort for our letting agency instead of them doing effort for us. We still can't find our apartment from any lists (like if ordering magazine etc), which is weird.

But I want to be more positive now. There were huge sales at Sports Direct so I finally got my joggingtrousers, which were great! It was so much lighter to run in them that in my collagetrousers. I also got sporttop which had sportbra in them. Also great! And inspired of our shopping we went for a jog with my boyfriend. Earlier I didn't want to run with him, because I knew that he runs much faster that I do. Well that wasn't problem and running with him actually made me run almost twice as long as I usually do.

Also we found great sales at River Island. I actually found this amazing greysilvery silk blouse which I fell in love with instantly! But I'm too afraid to use it, because it's silk.. I think I've never had anything from silk before. And then encouraged by my boyfriend I tried this camel coloured skirt with military buttons and fell in love with it the same evening! I didn't know my boyfriend knows what I should wear :D
And again, I would have some pictures for you if I would have own internet, but hopefully it wont take long anymore!
So now you can enjoy these beautiful,weird and inspiring pictures of Juno Temple.

Pictures are from Juno Temple's website.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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