Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello in a long time!

I haven't been writing here in a long time. Main reason is the lack of time next to my studies and the other reason is lack of internet, yes still. I use internet at uni where I can manage all my uni work. But right now I have an urge to start writing again and put my thoughts in order. I have a lot that I want to write about uni, about fashion and even my own life. So I'll try to find a way to write here every now and then.
But for now have a wonderful year 2012!!!

xoxo Sweety Pie

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our catwoman's

After we found out that Anne Hathaway would be the next catwoman (and my boyfriend said "NOOOOOO") we started to think who could be great catwoman. So we got thinkin. My boyfriend said straight away Natalie Martinez (you might remember her from Death Race next to Jason Statham). Well yeah, she would be great.

But I got my eyes on G-Star Raw commercial where Gemma Arterton was posing, and decided that she would be great as catwoman. She is sexy, confident and could have the attitude catwoman would need. Also Gemma Arterton is so versatile tha she can be sexy, but sweet, super gorgeous, and I think she could pull out anything! My boyfriend agreed to that a little.

But as we thought a bit further we came upon Mila Kunis and that was it. Mila Kunis would be perfect for the role. She screams catwoman all over her. She even has those eyes and that look. Mila Kunis is our ultimate choise for the catwoman role!

Who would you think would be good for the role?
And still I'm looking forward to see how Anne Hathaway will pull out the role!

Pictures from google.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anne Hathaway as a catwoman?

I just read that Anne Hathaway is going to be catwoman for the new Batman movie. Which was a bit weird news for me. I like Anne Hathaway and am glad her career is going in a better direction, but role as catwoman I don't know if Anne can pull it off. She is sweet and funny, and even though I haven't seen catwoman (yeah, literally haven't seen, I've only seen these two new Batman movies)  I think that catwoman is someone edgy, sexy, mean and good at the same time. Catwoman is strong and you can see it in the way she moves and looks.

But after seeing these pictures of Anne I think she won't have that problem with sexiness. I still don't has she the edge the catwoman character needs, but I'm sure we'll see it when the next Batman movie will run in cinemas. So waiting for that, but now I'm hoping to see "One Day" this week!

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xoxo Sweety Pie

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Loving my new toy

After craving for it for almost a year I finally got my Blackberry. We went yesterday to get new phone baggaces from Three, and I got Blackberry. Though I wanted it in red, and got it in Graphite Grey, but it's okay. I can change the cover if I want. So we spend whole last night playing with our new toys. This is first smartphone for me, and my boyfriend laughed at me almost all the time while I screamed "look, look honey, my phone can do this" or "look I can have this application here". So now even though we don't yet have internet at home, I can use my phone for checking my email and facebook, and use computer at school until we get our internet connection (we still haven't decided which one we want..)

And I got also other good new today and yesterday. I'll get my InStyle from next month and I got the package from my order to Vogue. Or actually we made my boyfriend subscribe it to me and we both got the package, so I got two! It was like birthday this morning :D

xoxo Sweety Pie

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missing my kitties

Moving to new country hasn't been easy to me. Maybe that's why it took about half a year to do it, and still I don't feel like I'm conpletely moved to here. And that's because my cats are still in Finland. We've been long time gathering the money to get them here, and there've been like million obsicles to get through. And you can tell I'm exhausted about it!

I've been away from them already 7 months, even though it should've been at first only 3 months. They've been staying with my best friend who I trust the most in this world, but still. They've been away from me and she had to take care of them much longer that we at first agreed. I'm seeing dreams about them and feel bad and guilty almost every day.

Now finally we've got a little bit further with moving them, but still I find new obsticles every day. Today the site isn't working were I can check when can I move them. Other I didn't now if we would another type of transportation. And then there is of course the fact that I have to fly to help to send them, and fly to recieve them and then somehow get home with them. It's a long way home from London.

And of course it doesn't help that I have a flue and I'm somehow overly emotional and cried yesterday like three times for some little things. It just feels like every little thing is making baggage on me and I just everything to be firuged out already!

Some good news there are! I finally really got my timetable and also answer from my school, so that I know a little more about my schedule this next few weeks. So planning is a little bit easier. And we are getting guests so I'll have my mind on something else!
But keep your fingers crossed so I'll figure out everything soon and won't lose my mind! :)

Pictures are from Kitty Stampete.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Monday, August 29, 2011

Girls to look for

After reading this months magazines I was quite amazed for the fact that two actresses who I've been following and admiring were on the list of actresses to watch in the future.

I've actually loved Mila Kunis since I first time saw That 70's show, but after I saw Black Swan I knew that she was something even more. I'm hoping to see Friends With Benefits Soon, even though it's a chickflick and wait if Mila will do some great movie and get an oscar, because I think it's not impossible!

And Olivia Wilde I've liked when I saw her in O.C, but really adored after I saw her in House. She is my favorite character in that serie and I'm hoping to see something a little bit different from her.

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xoxo Sweety Pie

Saturday, August 27, 2011

School staff

Yey, finally got some mail from my school Apparently there is this whole bunch of things I need to buy for my school. Pens, sketchbooks and a lot of things that I don't even know what they are.
I just hoped this list had come much earlier, because I've already bought myself bunch of things I tought I needed for school. Thank goodnes nothing too expensive, and I'm sure I'll be using everything. One of my favorite purchases was this Derwent Pencil Wrap.

Pencil Cases are quite important for school and now that I'm starting uni I wanted pencil case that was practical for me, that looked nice and also were my pens would be in good condition. So this wrap was just perfect. I also found it at a good price from Ryman only a bit less that £5. Every other store sells it for about £8-15. I've already filled it up with most of my pens that I know I will use for school (see how excited I am?)

I finally got my timetables too (or found them from our school's website, it wasn't that easy) and they are so messy that I don't understand them yet, but I might have whole friday free! Also now I know little bit of our freshers week which apparently starts few days earlier that I taught. Our school should've started 12 of September, but we have our introduction day on 8th. And I won't be in country on that date, so we'll see what I should do.

Two weeks and my school starts. I'm so excited!

xoxo Sweety Pie