Monday, August 1, 2011

The last Harry Potter

(Deathly Hallows part 2 and Philosophers store first and last movies)

This is the one thing I've should've written a long time ago, but just couldn't. It really is over and writing it down means realising it and that makes me feel a bit empty. But now enough time has gone by so maybe I finally can write about the last movie. Of course it was much much worse when I read the last book and just and didn't know what to wait anymore.

(Prizoner of Azkaban the third movie)

I've read Harry Potter books since I've been in Primary School and still I love them. Since I was like 9 I've always waited for another one to come, and now no books and no movies anymore. Well I bet Emma, Rupert and Daniel feel even more empty or J.K Rowling, who by the way is maybe most amazing author ever. I mean who has the imagination for this kind of story? To build a whole world in the story. Just amazing and maybe one reason why I like it so much!

(Goblet of Fire the fifth movie)

But the point was to write about what I taught of the movie. I've read in many places that the movies was awful in others that they ended the movie serie with clatter. The cast themself say that the movie is the best of them all. Well first of all I think it should end with clatter, because it did in the book. But I do understand the opinions of people who haven't read the books. My boyfriend didn't and I had to explain many things to him and he got those 'aa-aa' moments for understanding something better.

(Half Blood Price the sixth movie)

They still left a lot of things out from the movie, that would've explained many things to those who haven't read the books. And it would've been good to show lady Gray in some older movies too, because it was like whole new character just appeared to this last movie. Also the movie was the shortest of all of them. It was only just 2 hours. There would've been time to do much more and it could've been even better.

(Chamber of Secrets the second movie)

But yea, I liked the movie. I didn't cry though, but it wasn't far away. And you could say that movies became a bit better by every movie. But I can't say is this the best one. It just explains all the questions you had before. Also I would've liked to see more about the Rita Skeeters book, because it was also quite important and interesting. I think Albus' life was interesting even though Rita brought it up a bit in a negative way.

(Deathly Hallows part 1 the seventh movie)

We had a bit of a problem while watching this movie, while we didn't come early enough so we had to sit in the front row in the IMAX theatre. Neck's were a bit sore after that and it was a bit too close to the screen. Oh yea, and after they told that all electornic devices are forbidden and you're not aloud to record even a bit of the film, the girl next to me put her phone on and started to record the movie with loud "klick" sound. A bit annoying. Thankfully they saw it fast enough and she had to shut her phone and don't really know what else. But I could almost enjoy my movie (she started to blabber to her boyfriend, phuuh).

(Order of Phoenix the fifth movie)

But IMAX theatre was great and I can recommend it to everyone! I wont be recommending Harry Potter to anyone. If you've seen the previous ones, then go and see, but if you haven't there just isn't a point. But if you really want to enjoy the story even better, read it! I'm going to read them all over again! And I'm sure I'm going to be reading them even when I'm old. The story is just so magical and I love it!

(First and Last book covers)

And well even if I felt empty, I don't anymore. There is a lot to wait in life, I can always read the books again, I can watch the movies again and I will see those acters and actresses again and watch their stories.

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