Sunday, August 14, 2011

MCDD Day 8

And the eight day of my diet is over. We were yesterday at Asda shopping my boyfriend food and some for me, for the time when I can eat again, and of course now I just can't wait when I'm gonna be able to taste all those yummy soups and salads! I've already planned for four days what shall I eat. I usually don't plan that long, but now I've had so much time that I've planned it already. And my boyfriends parent's are coming soon so I'm waiting what their going to bring with them!
I actually almost feel like I'm cheating with this diet, because I don't feel bad at all. Not too hungry, not too tired, or anything else like that. Though I haven't really cheaten in anything, even though I feel like it. Maybe this really just suits me. Yesterday I drank only 6 glasses of the drink and 1.7 litres of water, but I took almost two hour nap, so it was enough for me. Continuing, two days left! :)

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