Monday, May 9, 2011

Visiting Istanbul part.2

Okay, continuing with our Istanbul trip...

Day 4

The other thing why I wanted to go to Istanbul was a Turkuazoo. It is a biggest aquarium in Europe, and I just had to see it. So we started our morning by going for breakfast as early as we could, took a little snack (boiled egg and yogurt) and tried to wear as warm clothes as we could, because it was raining hard! And we finally figured out how the transportation in Istanbul worked and for saving a little money we decided to buy an umbrella and walk to the tramway station. Well my feet were socking wet after that, but I loved the umbrella!
We took a tramway to Aksaray and there changed to metro. It wasn't so easy. We had to walk to the metro station about an kilometer, it had since though. We took a metro to Forum Istanbul and took a quick coffee brake before entering the Turkuazoo. I was expecting quite a lot from it, from what I had read, and came out a little disappointed. It was great, but I was expecting much much more. But I tell more about it in an own post soon.
We taught it would have taken whole day in the aquarium, but it only took like hour or two, so we decided to walk around the shopping center. I actually wasn't supposed to buy anything from the trip, but I found some amazing shorts that I had to have. And they weren't that expensive so I bought them.
When we were leaving the shopping centre my feet were finally dry. And we came home completely exhausted!

Day 5

We were exhausted from our trip already and slept for too long. We were almost sleeping at breakfast and didn't hurry to leave the hotel. We stepped in to some Catholic church which had this weird but beautiful blue lighting inside.
Finally we got ourselves up and on the way to some Dahlmace Palace. I read from the internet that it should be one of THE places to go in the city, and we didn't have so long walk to the palace. But when we got to the palace we were told that it was closed. Yeap, a bit disappointed. There should have been a sculpture museum, and now we missed it.
We continued our way forby the palace and came to some museum, or I don't even know what to call it. We went in and were told it was a free gallery. It was only a big room and the gallery was about some old sultans coffee sets, which were SO beautiful! In the end of the gallery they served some turkish espresso and even I took a taste of it. And, as the matter of fact, it wasn't so bad!
After finishing the gallery and relaxing with the coffee we went back to the Ictikal Avenue and continued shopping a little bit. I bought blue trousers that I fell in love with. We ate at the same restaurant as on the third night, but this time I ate this lovely chicken, with mushrooms, melted cheese, vegetables and sliced potatoes. Soooo yummy! And the portion was so big I couldn't finish it, but mum loved it so much, that she did :D
Then we took both slices of pastries and went back to the hotel to enjoy them with tee.

Day 6

We ate breakfast and noticed there was some football team with as in the hotel. I googled them and it was some second league football team named Giresunspor.
We had to start packing and even though I wanted to take a quick run around the shops, I didn't have time for it after packing and we took straight taxi to the airport. Though, the taxi driver took the longer way and we had to pay more. Bastard!
And even though our bags were a bit over 8 kg we went through and started shopping at the airport. I had to by few souvenirs. We got home safely and very tired!

xoxo Sweety Pie