Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspired by Zara blazer

One day I was going through Zara collections online and came upon this Zara blazer that I fell in love with instantly. It was bronze colored and I had to have it. Later when I was visiting the online store I couldn't find the blazer anywhere. I asked about it online and got an answer that they don't deliver to USA at the time. I didn't ask anything about the USA and I am not from USA, I send the enquiry from Scotland and asked if they have this blazer anymore. And I also asked could they make their site a bit more easy. It was a bit annoying that I found nice shoes on some model when I was looking at pants, but I had to look for the shoes from the shoes section. H&M's site is in this way much better.

But for the point of this post was my inspiration of this blazer.  I tried to look for the some apparel for this blazer, but didn't found the ones I was hoping for. The Aldo shoes are almost the ones I was looking for. I tried to find some beige or cognac colored platform peep toe heels. And those are quite close to it. I tried to find some navy skinny jeans or pants, but that was impossible, so those pants will do. And also some light blue shirt, this frilled one is actually quite good, but I was looking for some more simple one.

So I decided to draw myself. Though the picture doesn't show so well what I was trying to mean, but maybe enough well. Don't judge me on my drawing, I 'm still practicing.

Do you get these kind of inspirations, that you just know what you want to combine with some apparel? I actually get quite often and sometimes it is a bit frustrating :D

xoxo Sweety Pie

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