Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is this Hollister co?

I really don't know what to think about this, but I wanted to share it. One of the first stores I almost fell in love with here in Scotland was a Hollister store. I thought it was nice and welcoming. But now I've read many stories about how they treat their employees and I don't know anymore what I think about them.

First I read that they only hire good looking people and they even got sued for that. Well it is understandable. Second thing was that they pay minimum rage of salary and you should only wear their clothes at work. And you get only 20% discount from the cloths. That might have been changed. But I can understand that if you work in a store you should only wear the clothes that the store provides, but if you are their mannequin you shouldn't have to pay for the clothes almost full price. When I was working in another clothing store and we were supposed to wear clothes that represented that company, we got regular allowance for the working clothes and 45% discount from the rest of them.

Okay, but the real issue I was wondering about is the working positions this store offers. There are overnighter, impact, training for manager and model. And what do these people do? Well I think everyone knows what do 'training for manager do', but overnighter comes to work when store is closed and cleans the whole store. Impact is the member who is working in the back of the store with clothes and might sometimes come on the shop floor to do something. And models well basically models are supposed to do what ever Sales Assistants are supposed to do, but because the position is named 'model' of course they need to look fantastic. Basically I came in to conclusion that after they got sued they just changed the name of the position so they could continue hiring only good looking people. Twisted? They explane model positions as they don't have commercials so those models are instore commersials.

And if you get in to the interview point you will be told of the looks. Your hair must look natural, you can't use too much make-up (actually only mascara and foundation), no jewellery and no nail-polish on your hands. They don't ask you that many questions, only few question from the situations you've been. you must fill the form where you tell when you are free to work and they take a picture.

It feels like they haven't changed their policy after all. I mean of course it is nicer to come to a store where beautiful people help you, but also it makes huge pressure on those girls who aren't as fit and radiant as the girl in little shorts and tops. But as I said. I don't know what to think. So tell me what do you think?

xoxo Sweety Pie


  1. Quite an interesting piece - I never knew Hollister was so... politically incorrect? I love the stores - the style, the smell, the sound - but can only shop for my BF as i don't conform to their sizes. And i'm no longer a teenager. And i'm anything but beach-chic. I had no idea they only hired beautiful ppl, but can believe it and you have to admit that it works as an advertisement! But their mission is to make money, not make ppl happy or improve self esteem. They are a product of capitalism and unfortunately, a sucessful example of it.

  2. Thank you. And I totally do understand your point. And I wrote about this just to make people think. Though after realising this it made me like less the Hollister.