Saturday, May 7, 2011

Visiting Istanbul part.1

Day 1

I started my trip 1st of May when I flew to Finland. I didn't sleep all night, because I had to fly from Edinburgh and my fly was at 6.40, so I spend the night at the airport and after one coffee I couldn't sleep even on the plane. I was so tired all day that I was falling asleep every minute I wasn't active with something. It was over relaxing to take a good hot shower and have a real toilet! :D And the food! Real food! Like meat and salad and everything. And because I asked my mum made me pancakes and when she came to pick me from the airport she gave me boiled egg, like she new what I'd been craving for weeks now.
 The next night I slept like a baby luckily and woke-up automaticly at 5.30 and wasn't tired. So this one night without dreams helped me to gain this sleep pattern.

Day 2

We were at the airport at 6.30 and had to drink coffee so we wouldn't fall asleep again. Our plain left at 8.57 or something like that, so we had time to kill. Our first flight was to Riga and there we changed plane to Istanbul. Riga is over expensive!
To Istanbul we arrived at 14.30 maybe and it took a while to find our way out. We were almost out when some guy tried to have us come over. I didn't listen to him, but my mum tries to be nice to everyone so she went to talk to him, even though she doesn't know a bit English. We took a shuttle bus to the Peak Hotel and after settled down we went out to find a restaurant. We were starving! We found a little place near our hotel which looked nice and well the waiter came to almost draw us in. Food was great and he gave us for free a fruit plate for dessert. But he was too pushy. He gave me "white rose" that was made from napkin and offered to be our guide for our stay. We promised to ask him, if we would need any help. I had to avoid that street from then on. The restaurant was nice and he was nice too, but I just don't have the energy to explain why we didn't come for him and why we didn't come back to his restaurant.
We also walked on Istikal Avenue which we were told to be the main road, but I'm not sure. There were like millions of shops and all of them were open at least till 10 a clock in the evening. 

Day 3

Buffet breakfast at the hotel. I did wait for this for like three months! And it was everything I was waiting for! It had many different sorts of bread, croissants, rolls, everything. It had different vegetables boiled and fresh, with marinade, with mushrooms. Boiled egg, cheese, sausages, yogurt, mysli, cereal, soup, tee, coffee, too sorts of fresh juice. And you can imagine we had to try it all. So when we came from our breakfast to change my mum fell a sleep and I took a rest.
We got ourselves out at 12.30 to go to see Hagia Sophia. It was the reason why I wanted to come to Istanbul (oh yea, I got this trip for my birthday, mum made me choose where do I want to go with her). We struggled with the transportation for a while before we finally made it to the museum Hagia Sophia. I was really interested of it because of it's history, but I tell about it some other time. But I can tell it was beautiful and huge!
After wondering around Hagia Sophia we continued our way to the opposite of it. To Blue Mosque. I just wanted to take a photo a bit closer near by, but saw that people were going in, or tourists were going in. So we followed them. At the door they put some scarf over my hip (I had too short dress apparently) and we had to take our shoes of. It was also huge inside and a bit smelly because of all the people without shoes. But now I can say I have been inside of an mosque.
Outside of the mosque there was this man doing some sort of lollipops and they were so beautiful I had to try one!
We continued our way to G├╝lhane park, where there was flowers everywhere and we even saw a wedding, and by the see to our side of the city. We saw like millions of jellyfishes in the see. Really, millions!
And got totally annoyed at the turk waiters that didn't leave us alone. And also got angry at us when we didn't listen to them and just walked forby. Really, if we would have listened to all of them, it would have taken an hour! And if they wouldn't have been so pushy we would have look at the menus and maybe got in for dinner, but now we just wanted to run away from them.
We found another nice restaurant next to our hotel that had these amazing salads, which were to die for! Soooo yummyy! After that we were already so tired that went back to the hotel to sleep!

(Hagia Sophia)
( The Blue Mosque)


xoxo Sweety Pie

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