Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips for group interviews

I wanted to share few tips about group interviews with you incase here is someone who would want some tips.

* First of all smile all the time. But a natural smile or they just think you're freaky.

* Be polite, greet and make eye-contact.

* Listen carefully. It is okay if you ask to repeat question, but show that you listen. And answer the question as it is asked.

* Research the company you are being interviewed for, so that if they ask you questions about the company you may be able to answer them.

And here are few questions you may have to answer:

* What attracted you to this company?
* Why we should hire you? What makes you a good employee?
* How is this company different from all the other companies?
* Tell me about your selve? (you should tell your name, maybe your age, what have you done school, work, voluntary work, anything relevant to the position you are applying for)
* How would your friend describe you?
* What is diversity? And is it important?
* Give an example of when you did a good team work?
* Give a specific example of when you worked without supervision?
* If you would hire a new employee what feature would you look from the applicants?
* What are your goals in your life?

Here are few of the many. But actually you can except almost any question in the interview. I've heard many funny stories and one of my favorites were I was asked 'What action hero would I be?'. I was so surprised by the question I said the second thing that came to my mind. First was Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) but I think he isn't an action hero, so my second answer was Wonderwoman. And of course I don't know anything about Wonderwoman and couldn't tell why would I want to be her.
So best advice is be prepared for anything!

Pictures are from, and these would be some perfect looks for interviews. The first is quite bright and edgy, but I still love it!

xoxo Sweety Pie

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