Sunday, May 1, 2011

Annoyed with airlines

I travel lot these days. Actually almost too much for my wallet, so I really look for all those cheap airlines for booking my flight. And I've been quite happy with them. Flights are cheap and still the customer service doesn't suffer from it. Only thing is that you have to pay if you want luggage, though you are allowed for one peace of hand-bagage. And for easyjet you hand-bagage can weight as much as you can pul it up. I thought this was a great deal! And luggage fees were only like 22 euros for two ways.

Of course some of these airlines have their own restrictions. Your hand-bagage can only weight 10 kg, or something like that. But for cheap flights I think it is even reasonable. But now that these ideas are out all the other airlines see that this is a great idea how to get more money! So they restrict their hand-bagage to be maximum 8 kg (which is like nothing), and you have to pay extra 30 € for luggage. Though I don't know is it for two-way or just one, but if you are a regular cost airline, why do you need to do this staff? I just can't understand it!

Well I'll see what is the customer service now and will tell you later how was it.

But for now good night, because I haven't since yesterdays morning.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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