Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bayrampasa Turkuazoo aquarium

One of my favorite places to visit in Istanbul was Turkuazoo aquarium, it is in Bayrampasa Forum Istanbul. You can get there by metro and stop is two after Bayrampasa stop (don't remember the name of the stop).I love animals and marine life is so mysterious that I am always craving to see a little bit more. Until now I'm only visited Helsinki Sealife and Istanbul Turkuazoo. Still many on the list.
I loved the huge tube aquarium in Turkuazoo and loved that there were many sharks and rays. We also saw an octopus, which was totally afraid of all the children that were screaming there as they saw it.
Turkuazoo was supposed to be biggest aquarium in Europe, but I was expecting much much more. Almost all the plants and corals were face and they didn't have sea horses, jellyfishes, penguins and dolphins. But maybe I show you some pictures and videos they tell much more.

And here some videos:

xoxo Sweety Pie

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