Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally home

Finally the blogger works, so I can continue with my posts.
I am finally home and happy! My trip was in general very busy. Visiting Istanbul, parents (both sides), friends, sister, friends parents etc. And I counted my trip was for 10 days, I had two sleepless nights, 6 airports, 3 airlines, 8 cities and I packed my bag 7 times. Quite a vacation. But I enjoyed it. It was nice to have some social life out of our relationship (even though I love to be just the two of us!). I loved to see my mum, who obviously was missing me as was my brother and my sister and my friends. It was nice to feel to be missed and wanted there (like I havent been wanted there before :D). I also saw our two dogs which were over excited to see me as always. They always bring lasting smile on my face. I could gossip with my best friend, though not enough after three months. And I saw my two cats who I've missed maybe the most! But sadly my older cat was angry at me (hoping he wont be angry in month or two!). He is usually the loving most social cat alive! But my younger one wondered around me, unlike her usual being under bed.
Anyways now is starting again a bit new time in my life so you'll be hearing about it as soon as I know a little more. But first I will still tell a little more about Istanbul. After all there is quite a lot to tell about it, but if you're not interested then just skip those posts. :)

xoxo Sweety Pie

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