Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Women's rights?

Browsing some blogs made me come upon this blog It is not a usual blog for me to be interested in, but the post she wrote was so interesting I read it whole way and added to my list of blogs that I read.
She wrote the post about women who don't want to have children. Don't get me wrong, I do want to have children some day, but I also think that children aren't for everybody. And it certainly isn't a women's job on this planet to produce children. What is man's job then? Maybe I'm a little feminist to think that woman can choose wether do or do not have children. It is woman's own body and own life. If she doen't want children, why should she have. She wouldn't have the same motivation to raise children as those mum's who really want to have children. Also our planet is already so over populated so if few women choose not to have children it wouldn't be a problem for human raise.

This reminds me of a post that wrote one finnish man (who I think is an idiot). He calls him self christian and agues tries to follow the bible as much as he can. Well there was in Finland this huge fuss about this National party that thinks the abortion should be illegal, also for the women who have been raped. They couldn't answer why those women who have been raped shouldn't do an abortion, but this man whit his blog decided to do it for him. He wrote that because even though woman has been raped the life in side of her is new and so deserves to live. There might be a point. But the problems with his text was that the embryo feels pain when doing an abortion. I think studies have shown that women can't do abortion after 12 weeks, when the embryo is enough mature, before that it should feel pain. And why bringing baby to a word where nobody wants it? If woman has been raped and has to keep the baby because the law says she can't do an abortion the love for the baby isn't the same. Also this man referred to many people "Would they want to be killed if they were embryos?" And I can honestly say if the situation had been that my mother would've been raped and didn't want to have a child, then I would've want to be killed. Why would I want to be burn in that life? This man also referred to women almost as whores, who made them selves come upon the situation where they would be raped. And in his comments one guy asked about the mass rape in Poland. And this guy referred that God wouldn't let such thing happen if it wasn't ment to happen. Know the post has been deleted. And I just think this man is out of his mind.

But agues I'm missing my point here. My point is that I think every woman should have say about her body and her life. And no man should tell her what to do.

 Pictures are from and in first picture I loved her sunglasses, in second her pants and in third her charisma (she looks so eggy and feminine at the same time)

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