Friday, April 8, 2011

Job centre's

Hi. I thought I could tell you little bit about the biggest thing I am right now doing in Scotland. I am looking for work, I think it didn't come as a surprise to anyone. But the point is that I visit Scotland's job centre.

When I was in Finland I had to visit finnish job centre every now and then, even though I did some work, but I didn't get then enough money from my work and to get enough money to support my life I had to visit job centre. I usually visited it once a month or every other month. I didn't like going there, and the bigger brake I had from the place the happier I was. Advisors looked like they were bored with their life and job, and didn't really care for the people who came there. Main point was to follow the rules and get on. It was annoying and depressing.

Then I came here. And because I get my benefits from Finland while I am looking for work I had to visit local job centre too. I was totally afraid and didn't know what to expect from the job centre. Actually I really were expecting some dirty place, with people who don't know about anything and are even more depressing than in Finland.

I was totally surprised! Well they really didn't know what to do with me and almost send me away. I almost started to cry, but I had decided that I won't leave from here before they help me and my desperation helped. Manager of the job centre heard my discussion and started to check out what should they do with me. Problem was that I got this form from Finland that told what I was doing in Scotland, but it was all in Finnish. So no wonder they don't know what to do. Manager asked me to come to in to her office and asked some questions. She asked for every form I got from Finland and then filled some form of her own. In the end she made me appointment for next day with regular adviser, because she was manager, she didn't do this kind of work.

Next day I met Fiona, the advisor who was now familiar with my ... "case". She told me this was the first case like this in 25 years. She helped me how I would look for work and told me that I had to visit them every other week to consult. She asked me every time how were I doing, and was always happy and smiley. I didn't quite understand that, until I saw other advisers too. They now me there by my first name, because the whole name is Finnish, so they don't really know how to pronounce it correctly. Every advisor I have talked to have been nice and encouraging, which made me like to come over. And when I had some questions they always tried to help me.

Coming to this Job centre made me think why they were so depressing in Finland. The only thing that came to our mind was that the work situation had been in Britain so bad for so long, that they had to be encouraging so people wouldn't loose their faith. Also I think I were the special case, who really had questions, that it was something different to them, something special that they got interested.
Well what ever the reason is I am grateful for their help and for their encouraging talks. It really makes me try and of course the fact that I want to work makes me try.
If you are more interested about the same subject please ask me, I would love to answer any questions!

I played with Photo Booth when I was bored. Lighting isn't so good and I don't know how to fix the settings. Agues need to ask my boyfriend again :P

xoxo Sweety Pie

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