Friday, April 22, 2011

Weard Scottish language

Living in Scotland is very different from living in Finland, but one of the major things is the language. It is English, though we call it Scottish, because you can't understand the dialect. To me it sounds a bit like germany, but germany that you can't understand. After staying here for couple of months I've used to some questions they ask me at store, but other wise I usually have to ask twice or even trice again, because I didn't understand.
Today I found in this Scottish magazine called Scotcampus "Speaking Scottish A survival Guide" It is tottaly great and funny, so I taught to share it with you.

Boak - Vomit
"Loads of boak on Sauchiehall Street this morning, guess someone had a good night"

Brassic - Financially broke
"Sorry I didn't get you a Christmas present Mum, I'm pure brassic"

Boorach - Total Mess
"You were in some state last night, what a boorach"

Min - Man
"How's it goin min?"

Gallus - Bold and overly self confident
"I've no idea why a big, thich uglly bastard like you should be so gallus"

Girn - To Moan
"All you ever do is girn!"

Mooch - Rummage and scrounge
"If you need some change for the bus just have a mooch down the sides of the couch"

Hoachin - Really busy
"God this Post Office is hoachin, must be giro day"

Midden - A dump
"I wouldn't go there mate, Hull is a total midden"

Glaikit - Thick
"The sign said turn right for the M8 and you went left" Are you that glaikit?"

Numpty - An idiot
"What do you mean you forgot the passports you numpty?"

Hoorna - Very
"It was hoorna good"

Wheesht - Shut up
"Will you wheesht a minute I'm listening to The Proclaimers"

Chibbed - Stabbed
"Oh bollocks I've just been chibbed!"

Jaikia - A vagrant (normally an unpleasant one)
"Quit askin me for change you jaikie"

Dreich - Wet and cloudy
"Perfect, dreich holiday weather - welcome to Scotland"

Greet - To cry
"Quit greeting, you can always watch River City on catch up"

Pish - Urine or Rubbish
"This pub stinks of pish, are we really goin to eat here?"

Swally - Alcoholic drink
"Fancy a swally after work or are you still totally under the thumb?"

Pus - A head of face
"That guy's pus is disgrace"

Sleekit - Sly and sneaky
"I'm sure that sleekit neighbour of ours is stealing our mail"

Rammy - Afight
"Wouldn't go to the toilet now mate, couple of NEDS are having a rammy"

Stramash - A disordered scuffle involving more than two people
"There was some stramash on the High Street last night, limbs and bodies all over the place.

Minker - Someone unhygienic
"Urgh, don't even think about touching me you smelly wee minker"

I personally haven't heard any of these used yet so I must listen carefully from now on. But generally Scottish speak with a twist so to speak. When I was asked if I had a printer they said something that sounded 'painter' and it took a minute or two to acknowledge what they said.

The story is from Scotcampus April 2011 / Issue 95
Pictures are from

xoxo Sweety Pie