Thursday, April 28, 2011

Few interviews

Okay, now I have finally been in few interviews. The first interview was for a cafe and there was this very nice man interviewing me. At first I was over nervous. Like my whole body was trembling and I thought I would faint. Mostly it was because of the language barrier. Even though I speak and write english I am not used to scottish dialect and I should speak more, so I would get used to speak. But as soon as my interviewer greeted me I felt relaxed and felt good at the interview.

The second and third interviews were group interviews which was already a bit scary for me because I've never been to a group interview. I looked up the internet what to expect from a group interview and got as prepared as I could. But at the interview I got more nervous than ever. My feet were trembling so hard I couldn't stand. We had the interview for a kids store and at first we filled up few forms, after that we drew a picture of what we felt was perfect. And then we made a little "speech" about ourselves, our picture and answered few questions. I was so nervous I think I didn't speak so understandably, but praktis praktis.

And the third interview also the group interview was to a clothing store. Though I have much more to say about it, but I tell some other time. This time I wasn't nervous. Maybe it was partly because I saw all the other applicants terror and felt stronger because of it. I was outgoing and spoke well. But we'll see.

After this last interview I had to had something good, so I found chupa chups from American Candy on Sauchiehall Street. And now after walking home I am so exhausted I could just fall asleep!

xoxo Sweety Pie

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