Monday, April 4, 2011

Nas & Damian Marley in Glasgow

I told you that I was going to see a concert last friday, and it was Nas & Damian Marley concert at O2 Academy. The thing is that I don't listen to that kind of music. My boyfriend wanted to go see it and I taught that it would be nice to go see it with him. I've heard about Nas before and at the concert I realised I've heard almost all the songs he sang.. or rapped, I just didn't know they were his. And surprising was that I didn't know about Damian Marley before, but after my boyfriend told me he was the sun of Bob Marley, I found one of his songs on my ipod "And be loved". It was on my ipod because I had Blue Crush soundtrack on my ipod, and that song was on that soundtrack. I liked that song and became quite interested in the concert and waited for it.

  The concert started with some artist that weren't so famous. Or I hadn't heard of them before. The first were a girl and some guy who hid under his hood. The girl was enthusiastic and even though I didn't know them, I think she might be something some day. (and in the picture you can maybe see a guy in a suit with a camera who was shooting and dancing there at the same time) But the other person who rapped before the real artist was awful. At first I taught he must be awful because he hasn't done that so much, so he didn't know better. It sounded like they tried to make as much noise as possible. Then he told in the end he had done this for 15 years. Fifteen!

The concert was surprise to me. I didn't know what to wait and went there to just have an experience. First of all, it was nice go out once in a while and I don't go to concerts that often. In Finland I have been only couple of times and two times at a festival.

The concert was great. I enjoyed it, well except the fact that I had a stomach ache that distracted me some. It was well prepared and diverse. And for person like me who didn't know words to songs and didn't listen to music like that, it was great they sang songs that were catchy, memorable and those which I already had heard. I liked Damian Marley more than Nas, maybe because his music speaked more to me, or maybe because I just felt him more interesting. I were totally surprised when I saw him first time, he didn't look like I taught he would. He had this long long rastas almost as long as he was. And he had this pleasant essence.

The more surprising thing or maybe the fact people should really respect was the flag guy. The whole show in every song he danced and waved the flag. And the flag wasn't that small. It was really amazing how he waved it the whole time without stopping. Even sometimes when he drunk water he waved at the same time.

Also these two dancing girls where quite amazing. I liked the girl on the right more. Her moves were more balanced and loose, as the girl on the left had little more edge in her.

For the experience to go in a british concert it was interesting. Some people acted quiet rued. In Finland they do to, but I have never in Finland in a concert had a beer thrown on me. Here it happened twice and on my boyfriend four times. What is the point? And when the concert was ending the drunk men didn't listen to the men in order and few guys were thrown out.
The weird thing was that when I went to the toilet there weren't anyone. It was completely empty. That never happens in Finland. Well, when I went there after the concert it had a little queue, but the water had run out. I couldn't wash my hands! (I went later to some mcdonalds, where I could wash my hands) But how does water run out of toilets? I don't get it.

I took a little video from the concert. It isn't so good, but I will show it to you. Though it stopped in the middle of the song which I didn't like. But this was one of my favorite songs in the concert.

I am sorry for the pictures, it wasn't so easy to take good pictures from the balcony.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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