Tuesday, March 15, 2011


First of all welcome to my new blog.
Yes I have blogged before, though in finnish and from Finland. I didn't feel right with that blog anymore and wanted to try something new. Blogging on a new site, with new name and the biggest thing.. in English! I am sorry for everyone for my mistakes in english, it is not my first language, but I think this will help to improve in it.

So who am I?

I am a girl, who fell in love with a boy. In few months boy moved to another country to study and I just couldn't stay behind.
Few months we tried far distance relationship, but it was killing me. I were all the time sad, frustrated and depressed. So, I made up my mind. I had to move.

It was quite easy, because the store I worked in closed and I was out of work. I told to jobcenter that I want to work abroad, and in Finland actually you may try to find work from other country after being unemployed for one month. I mean they give you benefits for three months of work search in the european country of your choice. I packed up my things, sold most of them and gave my apartment to my sister. My cats, who where the hardest to go away from, went to my friend for three months to wait if I get a job and come after them, or well.. I haven't thought of another situation. So I'll just leave it to that.

Now I am living half secretly at my boyfriends room. It is quite frustrating when I don't have a kitchen for my use (only microwave and waterboiler), toilets are for common use ( so I need to get dressed every time I go to the toilet, don't get me wrong I am not naked in the room, but the room is hot so I might be without pants or something :D) and the place I stay at is few miles from everything interesting like city center and because I don't want to use money on public transportation (except maybe once in a month) so I walk everywhere. And on top of this all I really know only one person in this whole country and my boyfriend has school, trainings and other stuff, so I am quite lonely. Thence I write this blog now.

This blog will be about things I love, am inspired and am fascinated for. So you will read a lot about fashion, clothes, shoes, places i love, people I admire, weird things for me (I mean after living in Finland it is a lot of surprises in new country) and above all my life.

So again welcome and hope you like reading my blog. And please comment, I would love some communication! :)

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