Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top 10 about me

A story line " My top 10's" should actually be about list's when I list my favorite things in top 10's, but now I thought I could tell a little more about me.

* I speak three languages. And well a little bit of fourth, though I would want to learn 5 more. I bit ambitions maybe.

* I am a hygien freak. Quite a fanatic one. I make people crazy around me, because of mine obsessions. I seem to find germs in everything and everywhere.

* I don't like micro food. Actually in my last apartment I didn't even have microwave. Which is kind of ironic, while now I can only make my food in microwave.

* I have two most wonderful cats! They are really amazing, and everyone around seem to like them too. And actually  I love animals more than ever, and would be more than happy to live in a  zoo.

* I am quite a hazard. I hit myself in to table corners or cut myself by shavers, and I don't even realice it. And then later I wonder how did I get cut or where did I get that bruise from. Sometimes it is a bit scary.

* I love cities that  has river, sea or canal in them. Few of my favorites are Paris, London, Frankfurt, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam.

* I love collecting staff. Books, dvd's, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, cosmetics, magazines and beautiful things. But when I moved the only ones that I didn't pass on, where my playing cards, which I have collected from places I've been or friends have brought me as souvenir's.

* I don't like medicine, and try not to use even painkillers if possible. But I don't torture myself. And also I think tiger balsam curves everything.

*I love fashion and clothes. I go crazy in a store because I want everything. And if I can't I feel worse than ever. My favorite brands are All Saints, Numph, Blowfish, Red or Dead and Rocket Dog. Funny thing is that I only own one pair of Blowfish shoes and a Numph leather jacket.

* I never played consols in my childhood and we didn't have many boardgames. And this is funny because my boyfriend has partly managed to hook me on playstation 3 game borderlands. And I love boardgames and am always ready to play them.

Now you know a little bit more about me. Pictures are from the sunny day when I was at Kelvin river... or maybe it was Clyde, I am not sure :D

xoxo Sweety Pie

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