Friday, March 18, 2011

Fantasizing of...

Another storyline is "fantasizing of...", which really means I will be telling you what I am fantasizing of. Things can be realistic or nonrealistic, it doesn't really matter the point is that it is something I want to share. Interesting isn't it? :D
Well I am actually not having the type of post I would in future have, because I am devoting this post for the dreams right now. They are not actually even dreams, they are tings I need and have been wanting for so long. I think it's human basic needs. To have an apartment, that is clean and a bit closer to the city center (like I told I basically just hiding at my boyfriends place). To get a job, that is interesting and from which I would get reasonable payment (no really, I do want to work, I want to work so bad, that I am having depression, because I'm not working! Any sense?). And to get to school for next year.. well not only for next, hopefully to continue studying for few years ( I miss school!!!!).
Those were it. And few things that relate to those fishes. So lovelysweetyfairygodmother could you help me with these please?

xoxo Sweety Pie

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