Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saw Billy Boyd

When we had just moved to our new appartment we walked quite a lot around this place and once when we stopped to take cash from ATM I saw him. I saw Billy Boyd. Well I had to look at him three times before I was sure and it took like all of my will power not to run straight for my boyfriend and screaming "you know who I saw?". Well I almost did that. As soon as my boyfriend was next to me I almost started jumping like a rabbit and told him with this squeeke noise "You know who that is? That is Pippin! You know from the Lord of The Rings". Well he wasn't as excited as I was. But I was almost jumping and screaming. I might have made fool of myself.
As soon as I got a grib of myself I send SMS to my bestfriend who instantly asked me if I got his autograph. And I told her that I woulnd't dare do that. Yeah, I can almost scream and jump, but I wouldn't ask for autograph. Good me! :D

xoxo Sweety Pie