Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Rosamund Lupton - Sister

I have so much to write here that I don't know where to start and my time is still quite limited on the internet. But this time I'll start with this book I just read while I remember it well. Though I doupt that I would forget it. It was different!

So I read this book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. It's new and it has great comments from critics. But franctly speaking at first it was a bit boring. Yes there was a girl missing and yes there was a bit more happening, but after that it was just the war between the main character Beatrice and the police. Who is right? It was depressing!
But after the middle of the book I really got into it and couldn't let it out of my hands before I had read it all the way threw. It was really interesting and catchy, but I guessed the end. Thought I quite often guess the end in books (except from Harry Potters, but that was impossible).

But the book tells about Beatrice who's sister is missing. Beatrice travels back to London to look for her sister and for the truth. She changes her life and her lifestyle while doing it, but who wouldn't for their own sister. It was about love for sisters and for people who are close. It wasn't actually beatiful in a romantic way, more in friendly way. And my favorite character in the whole book was Kasia. She sounded so lovely and brave!
I loved how this book was written. Really smart and the language was rich. I came actually jeallous for the author for that. But I really would recommend this book for everybody!

xoxo Sweety Pie

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