Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving in with surprises

Finally, I might have some more time. I've had so much to tell, but not any time for it.
Lets start with our moving. We finally got apartment, and it is great! We saw many many great apartments, but if you're aren't working it is very hard to get apartment. Many agencies don't believe that you would be able to your rent, so don't even consider you. Or the ones that would consider you offer you apartments that for my taste were awful! We also found one very lovely apartment, but we would've shared it with a roommate. That was also a big no for us. We wanted to live just the two of us. And then finally when time was almost running out I found apartment that was just for us. It was big enough, clean enough, close enough to our both schools and subway station, and the price was good.
We first had few problems with getting the apartment (apparently people don't do the work they should do and you have to do it yourself) but finally we got everything sorted out and signed our lease and got the keyes.

We had many new surpires as we moved in. Even though the apartment was pretty clean and in good condition there were still many problems too. First problem was that we didn't know how to use boiler AND in our home we had to top up our gas and electricity. And we did something wrong on the first time, so that we paid ex-tenants debts. We couln't first understand it, but after couple of calls to Scottish Power we finally figured out that aswell (though after few conniptions). But now we have warm water and warm house.

The other surpise was our toilet. It is actually quite nice. It has a bathtub and two showers over it (electric and gas). I love that we have bathtub now. I have been dreaming of it for ages! But the surprise thing was that our door is transparent. It's not that practical. And we don't have a lock for our toilet door. Or actually we do, but we have to lock it with a key and I already once got stock in the toilet because the key got stock. So we decided not to use the key. Well we figured out a system, so that we don't walk on eachother.

Next surprise.. or it didn't come as a surprise. We knew that the apartment has gas stew, but had never used one before. It was a bit scary to use it the first time, but we survived, and now I actually like to use it! It reminds me of when I used to visit my grandmother or my aunt and they had gas stews.

And you would think the surprises were over, but when cleaning the apartment we noticed that one door was broken, so we can't use it at all before it's going to be cleaned. There is chewing cum stuck on the bedroom carpet (yuuuh), there was one board missing from bed and there were cigarettes above the toilet. The ceiling is so high it is almost impossible to change lamps. But those are little things, though we really would like those broken drawers, door and bed be fixed!

And right now the last surprise regarding the house is that almost everyone uses here phone lines. I mean I have used home phone and adsl internet last time like 10 years ago. I am so used to cable lines that I couldn't believe that it takes three weeks to set up our internet and I can't believe that we need phone line! And I don't know why, but we need to pay deposit so that we can open our phone and internet line. The deposit is £100, which is wutie a lot when you have just moved to new country and are still waiting everything to be figured out.

Like I said I had a lot to tell about, and I;m sure I still haven't told everything. I tought of writing some kind of list what one needs to do when moving in UK. But if I survived this, I'm sure everyone else will aswell.
In couple of months I will start school and I hope by that time we will finally have everything done and figured out. Now my priority is to get my lovely cats here too!

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xoxo Sweety Pie

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