Friday, July 22, 2011

Age guessing

 (Kirsten Dunst, 2010)

This one day I was at the library when some unknow man for me started to talk with me and wanted me to guess his age. I taught it was weird and just didn't answer him at first. So he decided to guess my age. 34. I was almost in shock and had to keep myself from hitting the man with my water bottle. Did I really look like over 10 years older that I was? And what dum stupid man tries to guess womans age?

I remember about year and half ago a bussdriver taught I was under 16.  Maybe he was just nice, but they rearly are. And he was an older man, who don't usually even try to impress you.
And then I remember the situation in Istanbul when guy taught my monder looked younger than me. Though after that he tried to impress me and was flirting to me all the time. (Though my mum really looks veryvery young!)
So what to think?

(Dakota Fanning, 2011)

I've always taught that people look different and it is quite difficult to guess their ages nowadays, but could you really miss the age with 10 years? I am living now in UK and quite often when you see young girls they have their face tan, really too much make-up and clothes that barely cover them. So is that the description of a young person in here? And that's why someone would think I look older, because I barely use make-up, or use it tastefully. I don't use fake tan and I am quite natural looking, with different clothing styles everyday?
I don't have wrinkels and my skin is in good condition.

(Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, 2009)

Or maybe I act mature and I would have to take it as a compliment? But really who would like to hear they look older? (except my boyfriend, he thinks he is babyface and would like to look older)
But I've also seen those natural girls in here. And I usually almost can tell what's their age. But aguess people just look so different now. Some are babyface, some look older than their age, some dress like their older or younger. It is really quite hard to tell.

(Tyra Banks, 2009)

I took some pictures here to show the ages of these actresses, did you guess them right?

Pictures are from every actresses own website.

xoxo Sweety Pie

Kirsten Dunst 28, Dakota Fanning 17, Drew Barrymore 34, Ellen Page 22 and Tyra Banks 36 (at the time when picture was taken)

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