Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love

I have spend quite a relaxed summer. This is one of the first summers since I was 15 when I have done almost nothing. I really am not used to do nothing. I love when I'm busy and all over the place. So I had to figure out something to do for this summer. And I realised I love doing these things, and will miss them when I don't have time for them.

1. Sleeping

I love sleeping more than anything! I like to get a nap in the middle of the day (but only when I'm sick I take naps more than once a day) and in the morning I tend to sleep even an hour after my alarm clock has woken me up. Well sleeping is healthy and is good to get good nights sleep, but I usually over sleep, and I go to sleep maybe at 12 a clock at night. Though I don't like to sleep until 12, then I feel like the whole day is ruined.

2. Showers, baths and taking care of myself

I love showers so much that I can take two of them a day. I just love the feeling and I'm always relaxed after shower. Also because I'm a bit of hygien freake I like to be clean, shower takes care of it!
Now that we have moved to our new house we had bathtup atlast! Though I take bath maybe once a week or once two weeks, so not too often. But still after bath I tend to take shower aswell.
(Yeah, I know I'm not that ecological with using this much water, but I try to be with other things)
And the last thing, I love to take care of myself. Like doing facemasks and bodyscrubs and all that stuff, and now I have time for it!

3. Reading

I love to read a good book. I usually don't have time for it, but since June I have already read 5 books, and I have tree more to go for next two weeks. I am also dreaming of reading all the Harry Potter books in english (no, I have not read everyone of them in english yet, in finnish though). And then I should start reading some classics like Shakespeare books and some others. We'll see how much time I'll have for all of them.

4. Exploring

I love to explore new places. And now I live in a new country, city and new apartment, so there is quite a lot of exploring. We tend to take walks just in some direction and see what we find there. It's also nice to know that here you can find many museum entry free, when in Finland fee's are quite high. So we have already visited Riverside museum, Museum of Modern Art and Kelvingrove Museum, but the last one is so huge that we will visit it again.. prapably more that once.

5. Eating

Well not so much eating, because of course I always have time for eating. More like for making food. Though my honey is so lovely that he makes me breakfast almost every morning and it's great! Well it's not breakfast, it's more of a brunch, because I like to sleep so long :D
But also we love to make food together, and when I'm going to be busy again I won't have time for making food calmly and with joy.

6. For last but not least

Actually the best thing is just that I can spend time with my boyfriend. Really spend time. Because when the school starts and all the activities we really wont have as much time for each other, so we  need to take everything from this time and just enjoy for the company!

What do you like to do when you have the time for it?

Pictures are from and lelove.
xoxo Sweety Pie

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