Monday, September 5, 2011

Our catwoman's

After we found out that Anne Hathaway would be the next catwoman (and my boyfriend said "NOOOOOO") we started to think who could be great catwoman. So we got thinkin. My boyfriend said straight away Natalie Martinez (you might remember her from Death Race next to Jason Statham). Well yeah, she would be great.

But I got my eyes on G-Star Raw commercial where Gemma Arterton was posing, and decided that she would be great as catwoman. She is sexy, confident and could have the attitude catwoman would need. Also Gemma Arterton is so versatile tha she can be sexy, but sweet, super gorgeous, and I think she could pull out anything! My boyfriend agreed to that a little.

But as we thought a bit further we came upon Mila Kunis and that was it. Mila Kunis would be perfect for the role. She screams catwoman all over her. She even has those eyes and that look. Mila Kunis is our ultimate choise for the catwoman role!

Who would you think would be good for the role?
And still I'm looking forward to see how Anne Hathaway will pull out the role!

Pictures from google.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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