Saturday, June 4, 2011

My thoughts

This last five months I've felt funny. Like I'm in a rive just following the flow. I am living my life as it goes. I have dreams and goals, but I don't understand that I'm not in Finland. I understand that I am getting used to many new things, but I don't geel like I don't belong. I feel that this is were I am now, and that is how it is supposed to be. There is all the time happening new things and I still don't understand everything around me, so it's like studying this new life everyday again and again. It might be a little frustrating some times but not boring! I just need to know that I am moving forward all the time and being happy. I need to live my life and enjoy it with good and bad days. Hopefully more a lot lot more good days!

Picture is from lelove blog.

xoxo Sweety Pie

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