Saturday, June 25, 2011

A bit of information

Hi everyone!
I haven't been writing here in a long time. Though I have a good reason, which I don't like so much, because I miss writing here.
We got an apartment at last, and have already lived there for almost three weeks! It has been great! I really like our place, there is just few problems, but not that big ones. The biggest problem might be that we don't have internet yet. We ordered one from BT, but they said we have to pay £100 deposit, soo, we have to collect a bit of money for that. And after that we still need to wait some time before they connect our internet. Hopefully everything happens soon, because I am kind of annoyed without internet. Right now I'm in the library, but in here too there is only a limited time for me to use internet and usually I use it for looking for jobs.
There is so much to tell right now, so I hope we'll get our internet soon!
But I am so happy right now with our apartment and my boyfriend has been wonderful! Making me breakfast almost everymorning. It is just the best way to wake  and stand up!

xoxo Sweety Pie


  1. WElcome back :)

    You have a grat blog, wanna follow each other?